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The Way of the Shovel: Art as Archeology, Freud
Installation View
Multiple pieces, variable dimensions

This project, based on research into Sigmund Freud's consulting room, was part of mcachicago.org/Exhibitions/2013/The-Way…|The Way of the Shovel: Art as Archaeology| exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which "traces the interest in history, archaeology, and archival research in some of the most highly regarded art of the last decade."

It includes an 'exhibition within an exhibition' on Sigmund Freud's archeology of the mind.

Freud was extremely particular about the objects in his consulting room, down to the the arrangement of his furniture. For example, he always insisted that his famous leather couch be covered with a kilim rug. This installation began when I wrote an imagined dialogue --included in the catalog-- between the couch and the rug he covered it with: a snarky, revealing, funny sibling rivalry.

The individual works are made from materials which include antique rugs and leather harvested from old furniture, as well as a bench/vitrine, the design of which was based on his actual couch.