There is No OtherThere is No OtherThere is No Other
There Is No Other
Part of the Terrain Biennial, an exhibition centered in Chicago and Oak Park, IL, with satellite sites around the world. Simultaneously referencing memorials, congratulatory wreathes, gaudy kitsch and public declarations, this work consists of a pair of large (6’ tall) wreathes with the words, “There Is No Other” written in glittery letters. The text evokes sentiment but is meant to also be political: it refers both to our planet and ourselves. No human being is “other” just as there is no other planet. We are all in this together.

There Is No Other” is made from scrap construction foam and discarded plastic flowers. These materials were plucked from the waste-stream and repurposed, and will be recycled or donated to the Creative Reuse Exchange and similar places afterwards